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Our Smudge Bundle resonates pure positive energy. Transform unfavorable vibrations and purge negative influences from your environment to restore a harmonious atmosphere.

This Bundle Contains :

* Smudge - appr. 4”

* Palo Santo Stick - appr. 4”

* Selenite Crystal Wand - appr. 4”

About our crystal cleansing smudge Set -

Sage Smudge Stick - Burning White Sage for smudging helps you to clear the slate and allow more positivity into your life. It helps purify not only the physical level, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Studies have shown that “medicinal smoke” such as the type released when sage is burned can have powerful antibacterial properties, can boost mood and improve cognition, repel insects and help insomnia. Our Sage is USDA organic and sustainably sourced in California.

Palo Santo - Our Palo Santo is ethically harvested from Peru. In Spanish, Palo Santo means “holy wood”. For thousands of years, the wood, resin, and oil have been used for medical purposes and has been popularized for its spiritual presence in keeping energies grounded and clear.

Selenite - One of the few minerals that has the healing ability to quickly unblocks stagnant and negative energy, removing all energy blockages to create a fluid flow of energy throughout the body or a place.

Before Use : Pull out the Selenite stick and place it near an entrance, doorway or window seal to promote a positive flow of energy and Feng Shui throughout your space.

White Sage Crystal Cleansing Smudge Set

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